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I’m Going to Azkaban

Guys, I did something truly wrong which the Ministry of Magic that presides in my mind will not tolerate…I DIDN’T FINISH HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN BY SUNDAY!!!! I’m throwing myself in Azkaban. What is wrong with me? It’s like I enjoy putting off reading these books! Well, to the tell the truth, by finishing it today, I had a full week to finish the book. However, I really am going to try and finish the next book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by Sunday so I can start the remanding books at the beginning of each week! I’m finishing the books by the end of the month! I shall keep this Unbreakable Vow (even though I haven’t gotten to the point in the series where I am supposed to know what that is yet)! Sooo my review of the book compared to the movie…I think I liked the book way better. Wait not think, KNOW. Now that I have started reading, I sort of like using my own imagination to read the story instead of a movie giving me the visualizations that also tell the story (But I’m still gonna watch the movies after I finish reading the books!). As Madam Trelawney said, you have to be able to “See,” with your mind’s eye. I believe the problem I have is that before I start reading, I have negative connotations about the act itself. Do I really have to sit here and look at words for hours? What’s the pleasure in knowing that you have 300 pages to go to finish the book? Who da eff is Peeves? He wasn’t even in the dang movie! But then I get into the story more, and my imagination takes over and I can see and hear the story in my mind. Look guys and dolls, I know this sounds like I’m a first grader just learning how to read, but when you’ve been watching television, watching movies, or surfing the internet most of your life and you’ve just gotten into the joys of reading…you get excited, okayyyyy? I mean, yeah I’ve read books for school, but I’d try to rush through them quickly to get them over with.  I’ve also read for pleasure before (I mean, Perks of Being A Wallflower is one of my favorite books. I just finished it two months ago and I started that puppy in September/October 2012!), but having actually finished a book within a week, even within a month, is a MILESTONE for me. I feel like screaming to the Heavens! HUZZAH! Another thing I like about actually reading the books is something I thought I dreaded: reading the words on the page! Think about it, if you watch the movie or listen to the audiobook, you don’t really know if the author wrote something like this, “Shut up!”, or like this, “SHUT UP!” I always crack up when I see all caps because it makes me happy that I can relate to J.K. Rowling a little…SHE’S JUST LIKE ME I DO ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME! If only I had her genius…Ahhh those would be the days, eh? I also enjoyed the little flirtatious moments between Ron and Hermione. I know there weren’t many since their still young and they were fighting for much of the book because of a cat and a rat, but sometimes I would just fall back into my chair, hold the book up to my chest and go DAWWW! all over the place. There were also many laugh out loud moments that made me feel cool because I feel like all the great readers around the world laugh out loud when they read. Overall, the book was great, it was like a weeklong movie in my head! I enjoyed it and so far, this is my favorite book of the series. Hopefully I’ll enjoy the next book so much that I’ll finish it by the end of the week. Wish me luck! Happy reading everyone! I’ll have another blog post up when I finish the book or sooner!



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